The Shahid Conception in the Islamic History of China Empire

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professor of Islamic Studies in Shanghai Normal University, China



There is very little scholarly work studies about the Shahid (martyr) conception in the Islamic history of China both in the Chinese academic circle and the Western academic world. This paper has employed lot of Chinese historical materials, private publication as well as the official publication to elaborate and analyze the substantial notion of the historical procession in the development of Shahid conception in the different imperial dynasties, the Republic and the People’s Republic periods in the social interaction between the Muslim minorities and the Chinese society. It concludes that the martyr perception is one of the most important part of the Islamic tenet for the Muslim communities in China which often face the hostile surroundings. The conception of shahid has played the fundamental role as a spiritual weapon to protect the Chinese Muslim communities from the pressure being assimilated to or contained in the non-Islamic culture in the political turmoil circumstances.


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