Immaterial causes of the loss of Imami historical sources until the seventh century.

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Ph.D. in History of Shiite, Faculty of Shiite Studies, University of Religions and Religions, Qom, Iran.




A number of important historical sources of the Imams are not available from the first centuries and have been destroyed, the answer to the question what is the most important immaterial cause of the loss of sources? The purpose of this article is; Which has been done by descriptive-analytical method, based on library sources, indexes, bibliographies and scientists' opinions. The hypothesis of the article is that the change in the tendencies of Imami scholars causes the fattening of some of their assets and the weakening of other works. The findings of the article confirm the hypothesisAnd it is an important factor in the immaterial disappearance of historical sources from causes such as the cultural atmosphere of political rule and disregard for Shiites, Shiites disregard for historical books and sources and lack of reproduction, the emergence of narrative societies, intellectual changes in religion, the emergence and dominance of currents and Knows new discourses and the approach of narrators to historical propositions; The share of material causes in this is less than what is claimed.


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